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The State Government is also developing an industrial park adjacent to the mill. OGUNSANYA Adebayo SAN (Chief), a renowned legal practitioner passed away on May 7, 1993 at the age of 71. The main industries in the town are trading, farming and manufacturing. However, the authorities introduced an extended five digits a few years later. Traditionally Ikorodu is divided broadly into three for ease of representative democracy. OSHISANYA Suberu Sule Obasanya (Chief) alias ESSOFES, the Are of Ikorodu and Chairman of Central Mosque Management Committee, died on October 6, 1981 at the age of 71. Idowu Alagbo (Oloja) (Rademo) Area: Eyita The institutions and deities such as the Osugbo, the Awo Opa, the Inomu and the Eluku were designed for the good administration and peace of the town. CHIOMA AJUNWA: THE LEGENDARY WOMAN THAT REPRESENTED NIGERIA AS A FOOTBALLER AND ALSO AS AN ATHLETE. Lasunwon was Odofin of Shagamu. AEROPLANE flew over Ikorodu for the first time in 1931. Glenties, Co. Donegal Situated northwest of the Bluestack Mountains in County Donegal, Glenties is an attractive town of about 800 people. Area: Oba Ayangunris The late Oba Adenaike Alagbe had such tribal marks. Area: Isale I The early town grew around a nucleus of settlement referred to as Itun, which covers a specific location with boundary. Please, I need a post code for Itamaga, Omitoro, Elepe, Ijede, Gberigbe and Parafa, Ikorodu, Please i need postal code for igbogbo bayeiku, I need a code for Rofo Estate Odogunyna Ikorodu, I need a postal code for oke ota-ona awolowo rd ikorodu, Hi please. The most expensive house costs 105,000,000 while the cheapest costs 1,500,000. On the west side are Aiyeluja, both sides of It has the proud reputation of winning the Tidy Towns competition five times, in 1958, 1959, 1960, and 1995. A list of all 956 boroughs incorporated in the state under the Borough Code follows. These units include; Imota, Ijede, Ikorodu-North, Ikorodu-West, Ikorodu, and Igbogbo/Bayeku. Geographic Information regarding City of Ikorodu. Facebook Meta Dating App | Facebook Dating Guide in 2022. (1979 1983) BENSON Babatunde Olusola SAN (Chief), born in Ikrodu on July 4, 1932, a legal luminary became the second Ikorodu son to become president of the Nigeria Bar Association (1978-1980) and second to be Senior Advocate of Nigeria in 1983, and first chairman of Ikorodu Oga Day organising Committee. Ikorodu Division has a large industrial area containing several factories. Ibadan, Nigeria. Which is why you'll want to get a better idea of how long is takes by looking at the travel time from Ikorodu to Sagamu. Royal Le Hope International School In Benin language, Ere means king and Uwa means peace and prosperity, hence Eregbuwa mean king of peace and prosperity. The traveling distance between Ebute-Ikorodu and Epe by road is 63.81 km. IKORODU Water Works located at Oya-Ona was commissioned on July 21, 1983 by the then Governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande. was installed Fusigbuwa of Ikorodu in 1942. List of District/Areas: Area: Abule Abon Area: Dagbolu Area: Eyita Area: Federal Low-cost Housing Estate Area: Isale I Area: Isawo Area: Lambo Lasunwom JIMBO Hassan Olughenga Omobowale Lasisi (Oba) was presented his staff of Office as Sekunmade of Ipakodo on October 18, 1981. It is located to the north-east of Lagos, along the Lagos Lagoon and shares boundary with Ogun State. Itunwaiye was occupied by people from Iraiye (Iwaiye) in Ogun State, Remo and people of Itun Ojoru, are from Igbein, of Egba etc. The estimated population of Ikorodu LGA This of course, is done subject to the authority of the Oba and it presupposes that the cordiality between the Oba and the Olisa should be impenetrable. OYEFUSI Afolabi Salawu (Oba), Oguntade II (Rademo) Lasunwon was installed the first Oloja of Ikorodu by Olis a Rebugbawe, the first Olisa of Ikorodu. ORIWU Club Ikorodu was inaugurated in 1972 with Mr. Shomi Jaiyesimi as first president. Thanks. WebThe average price of land for sale in Ikorodu, Lagos is 3,500,000 per plot. Since this map only shows you the route of your trip and doesn't actually tell you how to get to your destination, you may want to see driving directions from Ikorodu to Sagamu. Soon after, some large contingent of Benin migrants came by land through Iki in Ogun state (where almost the whole land belongs to the Olisa family of Ikorodu) to the area now known as Ikorodu. Kaalu (Oloja) (Lasunwon) Each Itun has an exact boundary. It is located in Delightsome street, off Ijede Road, Surulere Bus stop, Itamaga, Ikorodu. According to Lagos State governor Sanwo-Olu, full production of the facility will drastically reduce prices of rice and pressure to purchase the commodity. Ikorodu Town hall library located at T.O.S Benson Rd. AWODEINDE (Awo Lajiga) was installed the Olisa of Ikorodu in June 1917 and died 20 November 1937. WebList of Towns and Villages in Lagos State List of Towns and Villages Zip Codes Generated Address: List of Towns and Villages in Lagos State, Lagos State, Nigeria. To figure out whether they are worth it, see the flight distance from Ikorodu to Sagamu. Ikorodu L.G.A, Lagos State, Nigeria, Data: AJAGBEMOKEFERI Mustapha Osoala (Alhaji), an ardent pagan, turned renowned Islamic faithful, great promoter of Islam in Ikorodu, direct descendant of Ogborin Shekuoye, died in Ikorodu on February 2, 1987 at presumed age of 135. Together these areas make up Ikorodu Division. WebDefine list. The current Chief Imams of Ikorodu are However, Ikorodu and Epe are connected by more than one route. SHOTOBI Adewale Kabiru, (Oba), Adegorushen V (Lasunwon All Postal and Zip Codes in Nigeria, their Local Government Areas, Districts, Streets and Zip Codes, Address: WebIncrease or decrease the radius for Ikorodu | Towns within 40 mi of Ikorodu | Change Population This page will help you find a list of surrounding towns near Ikorodu, VICTORIA Efun was installed Iyalode of Ikorodu in 1919 and died 1945. HEADSCARF, HEADTIE OR HEADGEAR IN IGBO IS CALLED LCHAFU, RIGHT? State: Lagos State, Districts/Areas (2) And this was done by adding four digits and a hyphen to the already existing five digits. In effect the Oba became the reigning monarch while the Olisa became the Kingmaker and the prima minister of the city-state. The Ikorodu town has an estimated population of about 2 million people. He first Department of Charter Engineering in Nigeria between 1968 and 1970 at M.I.T. WOMEN Training Centre at 46, Oriwu Road, Ikorodu was opened on May 25, 1985. AFRICAN Bethel Church School was opened in 1916. On account of his pioneering role in the propagation of Islam, Alli became the first chief Imam of Ikorodu. As to the time of founding of the first settlement, we found it convenient to repeat Igbogbo E Ko Do, KI Pakodo I do, KI Koodu I do. This movement of more people helps to grow the economy of the exurb. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are three principals in Ikorodu i) ISHEI ii) IJOMU iii) AGA The Ituns: ( minor areas). The hotel is situated in a good location with close proximity to places like; a few stores, restaurants, a mini-stadium, and the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. This is a classy suite that offers several amenities. Road Map from Ikorodu to Ikoyi Connected by Lugard Ave. Road Map from Ikorodu to Aja. All of these towns happen to have their own traditional rulers. Ikorodu L.G.A List of Towns and Villages Zip Codes Nigeria Postal Codes & Zip Codes All Postal and Zip Codes in Nigeria, their Local Government Areas, Districts, OSHUNTOWE (Madam) was installed Iyalode of Ikorodu in 1941. NATIONAL Bank of Nigeria opened branch in Ikorodu in 1972. OWUJEBE Ajayi (Oloja) (Lasunwon) Governor Sanwo-Olu said the park would have amenities that would make businesses thrive and bring returns on investment to business owners. ROTARY Club of Ikorodu was inau gurated in October 1983. OWODE Market (Ikorodu) was opened in 1936. PRIVATE THOMAS AKA JOHN THOM WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE KILLING OF JOHN CHILEMBWE IN 1915, JOHN CHILEMBWES CLOSE INTERACTION WITH JOHN DUBE IN USA. ODUKAN Bakare, a renowned Muslim was installed Chief Imam of Ikorodu Central mosque in 1907 and died in 1923. ALAGBE Adenaike (Oba), Adegorushen IV, born in Ikorodu in 1854 to the Lasunwon Ruling House, was installed Oloja of Ikorodu on Monday June 3, 1929 at the age of 75, was crowned on Monday April 10, 1950 became the first Oba with the title of Ayangbure of Ikorodu. Also, Ikorodu continues to be the fastest-growing town near the Lagos metropolitan. The Benin people settled down amicably with the children of Akarigbo and the farm started to grow into a large settlement. Ikeja ZIP code: 100271 (streets 154) Abarenji: 100269. Ragolis waters Limited opened its pure natural water factory on Lagos Road, Ikorodu on February 25, 1984. It is located at 126 Owutu-Isawo Road, Ikorodu. IKORODU TOWN IN LAGOS Towns to Villages. WebRoad Map from Ikorodu to Sagamu Your road map begins at Ikorodu, NG and ends at Sagamu, NG. Postal/zip cold Jegede ona ara LGA Ibadan, I need postcode of abule oshorun ibeshe ikorodu, I need the postal code for Bayeku, Ikorodu please, Please I need a zip code for irawo Some Lagosians were part of the few to pioneer settlement in Ikorodu. As of the 2006 Census Ikorodu had an enumerated population of 535,619. OLD Afin (Palace) at Ajina, Ikorodu was rebuilt in 1932. OGBARA Lamidi Abudu, a renowned Muslim business tycoon, community leader, philanthropist and first treasurer of Ikorodu Town Hall project, was born in Ikorodu in 1917. The Itas (squares) To clarify, it is the second-most populous local government area in Lagos. Please help us share this, using our share botton. ARABA Odunjumo (Oloja) (Lasunwon) More historical facts of Ikorodu City Learn how your comment data is processed. The institution of Obaship was conceded to the line of Akarigbo while the institution of Olisaship was conceded to the Benin settlers. Egbin Thermal Station, Egbin, largest thermal power facility in Africa [home to Lagos Independent Power Project]. ZIP is an acronym for zone improvement plan. Book your hotel room at the best price. Porto-Novo, Benin. Ikorodu L.G.A. Map route starts from Ikorodu, Nigeria and ends at Sagamu, Nigeria. With a population of over Areas within this location make use of 104211 as their postal code. However, the calculated distance between these two destinations by air is 55 kilometers. Inhabitants of Ikorodu include adherents to several religions, including Christianity, Islam, and traditional worship. n. 1. OGUNLEYE Kayode (Chief) was installed Odofin of Ikorodu on January 19, 1993. Several locations within the local government use different postal codes. Seatos Schools, Ikorodu Other possible processing steps are mostly identical to those in a grain mill. Contact number for more information; 08097374314. Trip (32.4 km) on Map Ikorodu Sagamu View Road Map The road map Surrounding major towns that make up Ikorodu Divisions are Imota, Ijede and Igbogbo and all these maj or towns constitute their own Local Council Development Area with their respective traditional rulers (Obas). How? Home. When the building finally gave way to the evening market, it resurrected on its present location at Ijomu. Road Map from Ikorodu to Oworonshoki. BENSON Theophilus Owolabi SAN (Otunba), born in 1917 in Ikorodu and first Ikorodu lawyer (1947) was elected member Western House of Assembly in 1951, elected to the Federal House of Representatives in 1954. Kosofe LG. list synonyms, list pronunciation, list translation, English dictionary definition of list. L.G.A. The first mosque erected in Ikorodu was located at Isele where it stands till today. Nonetheless, they established a fishing trade on the shore of Ikorodu. Ikorodu is the area of the Lagos metropolitan that is expanding the fastest, in part because of the increasing number of residents who are moving there from other villages and towns that are drawn by Ikorodus proximity to Lagos. WebLigbodu Ikorodu: 104101: Logun Logun: 104101: Losi Oba: 104101: Majoda: 104101: Maya Nla: 104101: Maya Village: 104101: Mopelifa: 104101: Mowo Kekere: 104101: Mowo Nla: ADENIJI Babatunde Adebayo (Justice) was born in Ikorodu in 1937. He was appointed Judge of the High Court of Justice, Lagos in 1984. Private Nursery/Primary and Secondary Schools are many and one Tertiary Institution. GBADAMOSI Sule Oyesola (Chief), born on December 23, 1910, business tycoon and politician was elected Ikorodu member of the Western House of Assembly in 1951, he was re-elected in 1956, he died at his alternative residence in Ode-Remo on February 5, 1993. The history of Ikorodu is as rich as the enviable track record of its sons and daughters who have not only excelled in their chosen careers, but have also left their footprints on virtually all the strata of our national history for posterity to see. Dr. Olusegun Onafowokan, the Lagos State Commissioner for works and Transport signed for Lagos State Government. Road Map from Ikorodu to A5. WebThis is a Complete list of Ikorodu L.G.A Postal Code, Towns and Villages. General), Head of State visited Ikorodu in April 1973. The journey via Ikorodu-Epe road is about 55.9km. Find all the information of Ikorodu or click on the section of your choice in the left menu. This was about 1630. Ikorodu L.G.A Kosofe L.G.A Lagos Lagos Island L.G A Lagos Mainland L.G A. Lekki Phase 1. As Senator, he spearheaded the reduction of the Oriya Hill (Ikorodu) gradient. He died in September 1984 at the age of 47. He was appointed chairman committee of Dean 1987. Cradoo Lake Waterfront, Ipakodo and Ibeshe. [5], The Imota rice mill is an agricultural plant. The Yorubas call them Obas. It is the history of a people whose ancestors, according to available history, descended from the Remo stock of Yoruba tribe who came settle on a plateau and named it Ikorodu, a shortened word from-Oko Odu-which literally means Odu farm. Ijebu dialect is widely spoken in ikorodu. The Lagos State Polytechnic main campus is at Ikorodu. District: Ikorodu rural Postal codes or zip codes vary according to locations. This is a Complete list of Ikorodu L.G.A Postal Code, Towns and Villages. Situated approximately 37km north of Lagos, Ikorodu is bounded to the south by the Lagos Lagoon, to the north by a boundary with Ogun State, and to the east by a boundary with Agbowa-Ikosi, a town in Epe Division of Lagos State. Required fields are marked *. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

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